Image Description: Screenshot of a Tweet by user @umajmishra, “Processing what went down last week in a months long (nearly 6 months) of a job seeking process for one role. Back to the drawing board in looking for a new role, bu thinking I should document what went down b/c we don’t talk about the S*** job seekers have to go through. (Poll reads: 77.8% you should write about it, 22.2% Wait until you land a job).

In May 2020 (what seems like three years ago — because, 2020) I as Executive Director of Women’s March Global.

I have spent a lot of time job searching not only since May of this year but nearly all of last year as well. I knew that my time…

The lifeblood of a democratic and free society

Loose collectives that are not registered or formalised

Only around for a set period of time

Have multiple leaders

Have one leader



Essential to the fight for our rights

Essential to support in the early stages (before they noticed by…

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In the past two months accusations of system-wide racism has been revealed at some of the biggest and most high-profile organisations across the women’s and human rights space including , (IWHC), /Do Something,, ,

Yesterday a resolution (which was adopted after amendments were made in the negotiation process) led by the African Group at the United Nations Human Rights Council that would mandate an international independent commission of inquiry into systemic racism and police brutality in the United States due to lobbying…

Today after three and a half years of being a part of Women’s March Global — I’m announcing my resignation as Executive Director. It is very difficult to say farewell to the work of leading one of the most awe-inspiring communities I have ever been a part of. But, I…

The push to ‘reopen the economy isn’t about our health, it’s about capitalism.

(*Capitalism is white supremacist by nature — and to Ibram X. Kendi.)

A response from @MaversMona on Twitter to Emmanuel Macron on his push to reopen schools on 11 May. (Loose English Translation: One of the questions that remains: who will be criminally responsible in the event of the death of a child? The sanitary protocol will not be respected in the majority of schools. The mayors will still open, the teachers will still come. Children will die, who will be responsible?)

In response to COVID19 outbreaks many countries immediately shut down businesses in an effort to minimise the spread of the virus.

Throughout the…

Build Community — Always

Screenshot from #COVID19 Kids Show and Tell — Day 2 (17 March 2020)

As we collectively figure out how to navigate #PhysicalDistancing in the face of this global pandemic the grassroots community builders among us are doing what we do best — ensuring that we all have a place to feel supported, connected, and seen.

#COVID19 Kids Show and…

Tweet from @ragebaked by Tangerine Jones which reads, “That moment when folks run over the work and efforts of a black woman and call it feminism.” #RageBaking

The past month I have been working on cultivating new projects and also unpacking a lot of resistance fatigue that I was smacked in the face with at the end of last year.

The fatigue was brought on by a lot of reasons but the main culprit that kept rearing…

My speech for Women’s March Geneva — 18 Jan 2020

This past weekend over 50 events in 24 countries took place in support of the 4th annual Global Women’s March. …

Uma Mishra-Newbery

Global Movement Builder | Non-Profit Leader | Coalition Builder | Army Veteran | Science Nerd

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